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Substance Use Treatments

Individual Counseling for Addiction

Clients receive individual counseling as treatment if they are appropriate. We provide real psychotherapy, not just addiction counseling, delivered by a licensed professional counselor that has training and expertise to treat both substance abuse and mental health problems.

Psychotherapy for Underlying Issues

Substance abuse is a complex problem. To produce lasting change, treatment addresses emotional issues that often underlie substance use. Accordingly, our approach combines cognitive-behavioral with psychodynamic therapy. Our substance abuse counseling services are designed to help clients:

  • break free of compulsive alcohol/drug use
  • develop more effective coping skills
  • work through underlying emotional issues
  • reduce relapse potential over the long term


We prescribe medications to assist with recovery from Opioid and Alcohol Use Disorders, (Naltrexone Oral, Vivitrol® monthly injections, SUBOXONE®, and SUBLOCADE®) as part of comprehensive care.

Opioid Dependence

We use Suboxone and Sublocade monthly injections. We also use monthly Vivitrol injections.

Alcohol Dependence

Use of monthly Vivitrol injections is highly recommended to maintain abstinence and reduce cravings.

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